Marvilous Djs DJ Lessons

Marvilous Djs DJ Courses are designed for beginner students committed to becoming a working DJ/Producer. The Program includes training in a variety of mixing, scratching, and music production techniques.  Courses are taught by Dj Marvilous, who has been a working professional DJ for over 20 years, with experience in a host of night clubs, radio, award shows, corporate, and private events.

Curriculum consists of 3 Levels (details below).  Students meet once a week for an average completion time of 3 months. Class sizes are small and contribute to a collaborative setting. Students keep the same day and time throughout the program to keep scheduling conflicts to a minimum.

Enrollment in the program starts with taking the Beginner Course. If you already have some experience, we are happy to evaluate you and recommend the correct Course level for entry into the program. All students completing the program will graduate with certification and a plaque at graduation and will also have the opportunity to be a Marvilous Dj in which we will actively seek out paying gigs for you.

Beginner Dj Course

Our beginner Dj course is the perfect course for anyone looking to learn how to Dj. During this four week course you will learn the basics in mixing, music theory, equipment setup and organizing your music library. No experience is needed to take this course. 

Topics Covered:

Basic Music Theory

Learning Your Dj Setup (CDJs, Turntables, Dj Controllers, Speakers etc.)

Using Dj Software (Serato Dj)

Organizing Your Music

Basic Scratching

Intermediate DJ Course

Our intermediate Dj course takes  your Dj skills to the next level. During this four week course you will learn how to create cross genre mixes, use DJ effects and create transitions.

Requirements: Should have taken the Beginner Course or have previous experience. 

Topics Covered:

Intermediate Music Theory

Cross Genre Mixing

Using Dj Effects

Intermediate Scratching

Advanced DJ Course

Our advanced Dj course turns your Dj sets into live performances. During this four week course you will learn how to create live mashups, using four decks, and creating transitions.

Requirements: Should have taken the intermediate course or have previous experience. 

Topics Covered:

Advanced Music Theory

Advanced Cross Genre Mixing

Using Four Decks

Creating Live Mashups

Advanced Scratching

Music Production Course

Our music production course will get you creating your own exclusive edits and remixes to sound apart from the competition. This six week course takes you thru learning how to use a DAW. You will be editing, remixing and creating your own beats in no time.

Requirements: No Experience Needed 

Softwares available

Reason with DJ Marvilous

Ableton Live with DJ Marvilous