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Dj Laty

Laty (Laura Latysha Milko) is an Europian DJ, designer, choreographer and fashion model.

At sixteen years old, she was a part of a girls band as a singer and rapper. By the following year, she started to write music and collaborate with many artists in hip-hop music industry. Few years later, Laty started to perform as a DJ in her hometown in Bratislava, Slovakia, where she started to mix and perform fusion of hip-hop, soul, afrobeats, dancehall and reggae. By the following year, Laty was behind the turntables at private parties and shows at Film Festival des Cannes, she also hosted nightclubs in Paris, Monaco, Morocco, Geneva..

Today, Laty plays in big cities like Paris, Casablanca, Vienna and Dubai.

At the age of eighteen, Latysha became an CEO of Flawless Paris and started to work in fashion industry. As a designer and creator, she quickly released her first collection and online shop. Flawless Paris first show room was in the middle east, Dubai. Followed by few fashion shows in Vienna and Bratislava, Laty is now preparing new collection 2019 in Paris.