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Terms & Conditions

Per our contracts, music is provided at a set rate for a set amount of hours.  Clients’ total deposit of is due within 14 days of the date on the contract and is non-refundable unless agreed upon by both Marvilous Djs and the client at least 14 days prior to the contracted event date.  Additional time is available for a set rate per hour.

For weddings, music is inclusive of ceremony, cocktail hour and reception in same location. Overtime and/or after-parties are priced separately. Please contact us if your ceremony is not at the same location and/or you’d like to add an after-party.

On the contract, the named, in signing the agreement, or having signed by a representative, acknowledges his, her or their authority to do so, assumes the liability for the full amount of the contract stated above.

The artist’s obligations hereunder are subject to detention by sickness, inability to perform, accident, accidents to means of transportation, Acts of God, riots, strikes, labor difficulties, epidemics, acts of terrorism, or act of any public authority of any other cause, similar or dissimilar, beyond the artists control.  In the event of the aforementioned, the artist will attempt to find a suitable replacement. If that does not happen, client is due a 100% refund. Marvilous Djs has the right to substitute equipment when necessary. In most cases, equipment will be equal or upgraded. It is the client’s responsibility to secure permits or licenses, if required by city, town or venue.

The client assumes liability for any damages and/or theft to equipment caused by client’s guests.  Client must provide electrical outlet within 10 feet of the DJ set-up and a 6 foot skirted or covered table (most venues provide). For outdoor functions, some form of shelter (canopy, tent or overhang) is required for protection of equipment.  We ask a meal be provided to the DJ (& assistant and/or uplighting and/or photo booth specialist when necessary).  Contract is fully executed when both client and Marvilous Djs (Marcus Malloy) sign and deposit has been received and deposited.

The rate and availability stated on the contract is valid for 14 days from the signed date by. Unless signed and returned within 14 days of the signed date, you must recheck availability.

No contract is valid unless deposit is received and contract has been signed.

Discounts including industry courtesy, military and the like are handled as such:  If a complimentary artist and/or discount is given, the client is restricted from discussing, questioning, posting and/or further communicating about the rate offered and/or the terms of the contract. If the client discusses rate and/or performance of artist in any manner of communication, Marvilous Djs will invoice the client for full amount normally charged on event date in question.

“Bridezilla clause” (aka The Mollie Clause) – if, at any time, we determine you to be a “Bridezila”, as defined on UrbanDictionary.com, we have the right to cancel the contract and refund 100% of any monies paid and part ways.

Payment is expected for all services rendered. A deposit & signed contract is required to secure a DJ for a specific date. Final payment is to be made at least 30 days prior to the event unless other arrangements have been made.  Failure to pay balance within 14 days following event will result in a $50 late fee plus 18% APR.  After 60 days, the balance will be referred to a collection agency and all fees paid to collection agency will be responsibility of client.

Rates are applicable for single location only, if set up in the same room and does not include an after party.

What we require for home-based weddings:

a.     Six foot table (covered or skirted to hide wires)

b.     To be within six feet of a power source

c.      To be under cover to protect equipment from sun, heat and/or rain

d.     If the weather is expected to drop below 60 degrees, the tent needs to have sides and/or a heater. Condensation can ruin equipment.

Legal Matters

Any checks that payment is stopped without prior contact to Marvilous Djs, will be subject to 100% reimbursement of check amount plus any applicable bank fees plus an additional $25 service fee from Marvilous Djs plus 100% of court fees and our legal representation. Any bounced checks received will be subject to 100% reimbursement of check amount plus any applicable bank fees plus an additional $25 service fee from Marvilous Djs plus 100% of court fees and our legal representation.

Any disputed credit card amounts will be subject to 100% reimbursement of amount plus any applicable  fees plus an additional $25 service fee from Marvilous Djs plus 100% of court fees and our legal representation.

In any matters resulting in collection and/or court proceedings, Marvilous Djs will seek 100% reimbursement of expended funds and reimbursement for time invested.

We do not waste time, legal representation is contacted within 24 hours and we will invoice client immediately.